Young Adult Fantasy

The Legends tell of an ancient city called Balinorre. At one time, it was a mighty fortress ruled by High Royalty. It could not fall until one within its walls destroyed it. Since the fall of Balinorre, the evil emperor Dagon has plagued the last free peoples, bringing a life of terror and captivity to the realm. Young Olinia Reien is now the hope of the worlds. She has emerged from her unsavory upbringing as the rightful heir to her world of Caprith. But Dagon has learned of her plot to overthrow him. Now, she must do more than just survive his treachery to save Caprith. She must win.


Young Adult Fantasy

Olinia Reien and her younger brother were stranded in Ethon after Will left with the shimmer stone, promising to be away for only one day. Now, nineteen months later, they're still stuck in Ethon, leading the lives of average Americans. The monotony is excruciating until they stumble upon an after-school program for the supposed brilliant.

As Olinia is slowly rejoined with her friends, she discovers that things in Ethon aren't exactly as they seem. She is soon faced with an unexpected foe she hadn't known existed. In order to defeat both new and old enemies, Olinia must return to her realm to end it all where she began and become the person she was always meant to be - Queen of the Other Worlds.